Spring Evenings

The variety of fresh fruit and vegetables around in spring makes it the perfect time to host a relaxed gathering with friends. You can source delicious organic ingredients directly from local farms, or even travel to a ‘pick your own’ to collect ripe fruit straight from the trees.


With so many flowers around in spring, it’s easy to incorporate them into a beautiful table setting. If you’ve got some time to spare, one lovely idea is to create an indoor secret garden – and it’s not as much work as you might think.

Buy some spring flowers like lilacs, tulips and irises, arrange them in vases amongst wild grasses and twigs, and place them liberally around the room. String fairy lights over the table, using a few well-placed adhesive tacks (which won’t scratch the surface) to secure them. Place tealights around the room and if possible, open windows to look out onto a garden.

You can add a magical touch to your flower arrangements by adding a few drops of food colouring to the water in a clear glass vase. Whether you choose blue, pink or green, the light shining through the coloured water creates a beautiful stained-glass effect. If you don’t have enough vases, use empty jars or glasses for an eclectic, bohemian look.


If you’d rather keep things more simple, you can create an elegant centrepiece with only tea lights, wine glasses and roses: just follow our easy Centrepiece Tutorial.


Spring is all about hidden shoots emerging and eggs hatching, so why not incorporate this spirit of revelation into your evening entertainment?

To keep the party atmosphere going right until the end of the meal, there’s a simple game you can play which works equally well with old friends and new.

Give each person two pieces of paper in between the starter and main course, and ask everyone to write down something true that no-one at the table knows about them.

On the second piece, think along the same lines but make up a false answer. All the pieces of paper are then put into a bowl, and during the cheese course, each guest takes it in turns to choose one and read it out.

Everyone then guesses who it might have been, and whether it’s true or false. You might find even your oldest friends can surprise you with hidden secrets!