Planning a BBQ

For the most fun, frolics and filling food you could need, a good plan can always help make the day of your barbecue that much better. Checking the weather, wiping down the grill and marinating the chicken are all important parts to a great barbecue, but there’s so much more to think about, including the washing up. The aftermath of a grill fiesta will surely leave you with a few pans, plates and glasses lying about, wherever you look. So, with our tips (and some Finish dishwasher tablets) you can be prepped and ready for a fun BBQ.


Start the BBQ!

Take a spatula, tongs, a mountain of meat, buns and a barbecue, and you have all the very basics of a good day by the grill. Add to it an apron, and an ironic chef hat, and the party really begins. Add a few friends and family, as well as a few fun games (even a piñata) and now you have more things to do. Extra foods like fresh fruit, chocolate, crisps and popcorn add more excitement. Finally, a bin to put all the wasted food wouldn’t go amiss, and a dishwasher for everything else.


What food will you need?

Meat - Burgers always work best, but consider marinating some chicken or making some kebabs on a wooden skewer for something a bit different, and a bit tastier.

Vegetarians – There’s always one! Veggie burgers, baked potatoes, vegetable skewers, eggplant and corn on the cob are great BBQ alternatives to meatier dishes.

Dips and sauces – we all have our favourites, but it’s hard to go wrong with the usual ketchup/mayo/mustard with something homemade like coleslaw or hummus.

Drink - A great way to set any BBQ apart from your neighbour’s is to ask guests to bring an unusual drink they’d like others to try, then mix all the cans/bottles into a big container of ice (separate ones for alcoholic/non-alcoholic), people can then discover new refreshing drinks they wouldn’t have normally tried this way.


Extra implements

Tongs - Whether they’re wooden or metal, be sure to remember you’ll need a place to put them away from the flame between uses or they may end up on the ground!

Sun cream - Easy to forget, but can lead to some sad faces after a heavy day’s sun.

Sports/games – Frisbees, footballs, volleyball are all traditional favourites, but this is a great chance to try something more unusual like bowls or horseshoe throwing.

Candles/tiki-lamps/fairy lights- to keep the party going when things get dark.


Washing up!

As well as all the above, don’t forget to include Finish Quantum Max dishwasher tablets, which are suited to the types of greasy stains that BBQs can lead to. Washing up can be made much easier with Finish, which cuts through both grease and limescale and leaves your dishes clean.